I really did not want to write about it, but so many people were asking.  Curious townies perhaps?  So, this is it, this is how the chicken passed on…..

It was a dark and wild night with the wind howling like a banshee.  The innocent chickens were all in the shed, in their warming cluster.  I closed and locked the hatch, they need not be part of what happened next.  I approached the solitary confinement coop and quietly, gently, opened the hatch to find her, the egg eater, guiltily sitting in the wood chippings.  I lifted her as slowly as possible without shining my head torch in her eyes.  She was so warm and so quiet that we both knew she had given up, resigned herself to the inevitable.  She had accepted her fate and I hope she accepted my role in it.  At that exact moment all hell broke loose in the chicken shed.  The others knew what was happening and wanted to be out.  So I let them all out to watch.  They all hopped out in time to see the cloud arrive down.  I set her on the cloud with a little yogurt and chopped apple to see her through the journey, it was her favourite (actually, maybe second favourite after her own eggs). The chickens and I just watched with tears in our eyes as she moved up into the winter sky and off to chicken heaven.  Not a word was spoken between any of us after that.  They silently shuffled back into the shed and I closed the hatch before pausing and looking up into the air.  I don’t know how long I paused and thought about her.  No matter how long, it could never be long enough to honour her.