Orion is rising in the winter sky with the bright Sirius, the dog star, due to follow obediently later tonight.

The December moon dominates the frozen sky, waxing.  In a few days it will be a blue moon, the name given to the second full moon in any month.  This is an event that happens every two or three years.  It seems a shame to give it this name and I am sure it had another not too long ago.  They all had names.  The names marked the time of the year and the timing of nature and the seasons.  When I look up the names of the moons it says that the December moon is the Cold Moon, Long Night Moon or Winter Moon.  A name is given for every one of the 12 months, but of course this is us shoe-horning the lunar calendar into our Georgian one.  The Georgian calendar seems just a short-lived aspect of our current culture with the lunar calender probably being more deeply in our psych and behavior when you consider the lunar effect.  Apparently it is difficult for bouncers to get the night off on a full moon.

cold moon image by vtdarkstar

The Full Moon which will be the blue moon falls on the 31st of December our cultural celebration of the new year.  On this night the lunar effect might get a lot of chance to play as so many people are out to let their hair down and celebrate.  All this and we have lost its proper name.