Listening to: The photocopier whirring next door

Eating: Breakfast, porridge with home made plum jam

Drinking: Coffee as black and as strong as it can get. Coffee usually gets whiter as the day goes on but first thing in the morning it must have nothing to dilute the kick.

Pondering: The fact that the school grounds used to have an ever expanding magpie population that have even been seen attacking small mammals. Now they have been pushed out by the rooks, no magpies can be seen and have not been seen for some time. I prefer the rooks and their harsh croaks on cold winter mornings.

Amazed by: Some of my students in one of my classes have taken a hunger for popular science books. One even read two of them in one day. This morning I searched my book shelf for new treats and am remembering some of the books I enjoyed. I haven’t looked at science books for a month or two but their enthusiasm is contagious.