Yesterday we spent our first day at home with the little lady.  We planned to venture out for a short walk and some fresh air. When the midwife arrived for her first visit she advised us against taking our tiny bundle of joy out on such a cold day.  We did what any sane couple would do after being driven insane by house arrest; we ignored her.  After five minutes of walking we got caught in a winter shower of freezing rain and hail.  We both saw it coming from way off but both refused to vocalise it for fear that the other one would have some sense and turn back.  We carried on, with our heads tilted away from the driving cold, and we loved it.  And the little lady?  She slept like a baby, literally.  Under a weatherproof canopy, and wrapped up in layers and a fleece cosy-toes that I am very jealous of.  I’m sorry little lady, this is who we are.