I found the queen, the one that I have never seen.  I found her, reached for the crown of thrones, then lost her again.  Then I spent five minutes hunting the one frame for her.  When I eventually did find her I bottled out of trying to use the crown and tried a queen clip instead.  I reached for the queen clip and lost sight of her again.  When I eventually did find her, she ran up my hand then jumped off it and into the dark interior if the hive.  At least I spotted her.

Once the inspection was finished I went into the other hive and found the queen in seconds as she is marked with a big white spot of paint.  She has been laying eggs and seems well enough after I nearly squashed her during the last inspection.

I closed it all up and was left thinking that I might have to add another super (box for honey) to this hive as the first one is half full and covered in wax building bees on the other half that isn’t full.  A spring harvest?  That would be super.