Let me begin by saying that it was in no way intentional.  This morning there were two unusual events, the first was that I thought I heard the lovely Sharon say that we should go pole  dancing.  This seemed unusual, so I urged her to clarify.  It turned out that she said that this is the day when we could be dancing around the may pole.  The second unusual event this May day was the cold water in the taps.  We both suspected what was wrong straight away; no oil.  The oil was due to be filled but we had been so busy, with things like coursework, that we had forgotten all about it.  As we don’t rely on the oil for our heating all the time it was not a major problem.  However, it did prompt me to service the boiler.  This was a job that was long overdue and had been put off for quite some time.  I began by slowly pulling out the baffle plates and shaking off the sooty rust.  Then I began to scrape all the mess out of it when I spotted a bird shaped shadow.  It was a sad sight to see this poor little bird.  It must have flown in the flue and then got itself caught up in the baffle plates and found itself unable to escape the labyrinth. I usually find mechanical jobs quite enjoyable, but this one was not one of those times.