On the way home I slowed the car down to a crawl on a road very near to the cottage.  I spotted a bird of prey drift in to a tree branch and rest.  The branch noticeably sagged under the weight; more than a rook would cause, this was the heavy presence of a buzzard.  A few seconds later it lifted itself higher to another tree, to another straining branch.  Yesterday we found a lot of feathers scattered around the chicken coop and we wondered.  We don’t think a fox could get in, and if it could, we are convinced it could not get out again.  There was no fox and the chickens all seemed fine. We were confused. Until today; until I spotted the buzzard.  So far their luck is holding, but the dice keep rolling.

rising moon of ice

Before dinner I caught the full moon rising, the celtic moon of ice.  The moon of winds is a spin around the earth away, then the growing moon is not far behind.  There are still a few evenings of darkness left,  of warm fires in the evening and no thoughts of work in the garden.  That said, the moon is telling us all that the world keeps turning and the soil will begin to warm soon, plans need to be made for the growing.

moon rise by the beech tree