This is boxing day for us.  Yesterday was the actual boxing day, but we had two days of Christmas in a row; two days of unwrapping and the eating of grand festive meals.  Today we lazed about, cleaned up a bit, and relaxed for a time.  I sat for a few minutes in front of the bees.  This is something I have not done in quite a while as the bees have been quite inactive.  Today was mild enough to prompt one of the hives into some action.  Some foragers were heading back and forth, probably for water.  The other hive was all quiet and not bold enough to venture out into the winter.

The chickens got curious when as they watched me set up my tripod and take pictures of the cottage.  I took pictures from the front garden in a full circle.  After that I threw myself into the world of panoramic software to try and stitch them all together.  My head spun (a full 360 degrees) with all options and strange nomenclature of manipulating images on the computer.

Eventually I got it to work with the cottage sliced in two at either end of a full circle image.  Then I had to dig deep into the unknown again to turn the clouds transparent.  There was an intended purpose to all of this, several actually.  For a long time I have wanted to have the cottage background as the backdrop to the software I use very often on the computer; Stellarium.  The other reason for facing the frustration was that I had never done it before and saw it as a challenge.

Eventually the clouds were removed and it was dropped into stellarium to give a proper setting for the sun, moon and stars.


Orion rising out of our neighbour’s garage.

The sun rising over the apiary.

To be honest, the north, south, east and west, are not aligned properly.  Also, the ground is a little high.  I can live with these things for a few days; my geekness will only go so far.