Resources are low here at the cottage. Most of the honey disappeared soon after it was jarred. The blackcurrant jam was steadily given away to friends before most of the rest of it was sold; it has been reduced from ninety jars to only about ten. When we sat down last night to see what was left that can be made into little hampers for Christmas presents. The intention was to make up a little selection of five jars in each hamper. When we looked at what was left we could only scrounge together two. The limiting factors were the crab apple jelly and the redcurrant jelly.

Only two hampers seems disappointing, but it simply means that the two people who receive them should feel all the more special.  Especially as it took two kilos of crab apples and a lot of time to make those two tiny jars.  I don’t think I’ll try and make crab apple jelly again.