Not many people drove past us, but the ones that did saw three people trimming the winter hedgerows.  One of the three of us was attached to my back in his rucksack.  The two of us that were not reclining or being chauffeured along were carrying buckets.  We were carrying buckets full of holly.  Our long walk with buckets full of free Christmas decorations was eventually cut short as the sun began to set and a cold wind picked up.  The daylight is so short these days, the winter solstice must only be days away.  We can see why holly was used as decoration in times past.  Bringing the vibrant green into the home is a reminder of the potential of spring.  Although, on our dander we did find a random hint of spring.  Not the real spring, just some random bounce in response to the strange warmth of November; we spotted a wild strawberry flowering.