The ‘egg eating chicken’ saga continues.  Last night I scooped up the chicken that is under suspicion and placed her alone in a specially prepared coop and run.  Each morning just after half six, I step into the winter darkness and open up the shed and collect any eggs.  Often they have just been laid and are heavy with a slightly disturbing warmth.  This morning I collected one from the prisoner and two from the others.  When I got back into the cottage I noticed little hole in one of the eggs.  She had started to eat it before I disturbed her, but who?  Was it the chicken in the cell?  I have no idea and therefore, no hard evidence.  With no head torch on I often just use the dim glow of the stars and the far away dawn to stumble about.  Darkness was my enemy this morning.  More time is needed and more evidence if I am to be judge, jury and executioner.