tonight’s work at downtools time

More holes were dug under the beech tree in the misty rain this evening.  I had to act fast as the rain was constantly threatening to become heavy and the darkness did not need to threaten, it would arrive anyway.  After tonight there are only three more posts to dig and set in.  Then a gate must be built, chicken wire must be buried and hung, lengths of wood must be nailed, and the shed needs to be moved.  The shed is in reasonable condition.  The walls are sound (ish) and I re-felted the roof in the summer.  The problem may be the floor, it is rotten and may not survive the move through the garden.  I have a few bits of wood to hammer together new perches and nest boxes, but not enough for a new floor.

 my beech dreams

The hens are eyeing up the new construction from across the lawn.  Maybe they see the vast space in which they can stretch their wings.  A nice thought, until the moment of the move when scissors will be clasped and they will have their wings clipped before entering their new home.