The stars are falling.  The sky is falling.  These October nights are dark and shiny.  This may also be the time of year to find the remains of fallen stars; to find pwdre ser (poo of the stars).  The clear (ish) jelly can be found seemingly randomly dropped from the sky.  Many years ago they believed it was the remains of stars that fell to earth.  The current thinking is that it is probably the packing material in a frog’s ovary that comes into contact with the stomach fluids within a raven or a heron.  This does not sound as romantic, or as poetic, but think how this is just a theory.  Think how this is an unproven hypothesis.  How can it be that in our era of science that we do not know for certain if it is true.

If you stumble upon some ‘star jelly’ on your autumn wanderings then pleaseadd a comment to this post and include your email address as there is a TV production company (Tigress Productions) in hot pursuit of some hard (of soft jelly) evidence.