We rushed about on this Friday night. We fed the little man his dinner and then bundled him into the car. We headed into the darkness and the rain, heading for Larne.

To be honest we wanted to stop, pick up the chickens, and then head straight back home. It was Friday night and it was late. It was past the little man’s bedtime and we were both work weary. But, this is not how these things work. When we arrived at to pick up the new chickens we found ourselves being lost in chat with the farmer. She chatted and we chatted back, and we felt no rush or urgency in the moment. We relaxed into it instead as the little man slept in the car.

The hens were loaded into the box and she threw in a free one. We popped them in the boot of the car and then chatted some more before heading back into the night.

The three new additions are now in the coop with the hens. It has been advised that talcum powder over the new hens and the old helps to mask the smells and prevent fighting. We have no talcum. Spray deodorant was the next option advised, but we use deodorant bars (like bars of soap, sort of). We will have to keep a close eye on them for a while to see them all through the stressful social transition. Our chickens have just doubled overnight.