This is the book to read tonight.  It is the book to curl up in bed with as the gathering storm begins to arrive and spill its energy.  It is the book that reminds us of nature’s power and how we are impotent against it.  In 1839 a storm hit Ireland that was beyond any other storm in memory.  It is said on that night the fairies left Ireland.

In 1839 the gusts were estimated to be in the range of 115mph.  Tomorrow the gusts are expected to be 90mph.  The numbers may seem close but a small increase in speed is a large increase in energy.  I expect it will be windy and possibly damaging tomorrow but it is just a reminder of what is possible.


The Night of the Big Wind is the book for tonight, but I have to admit; I can’t put down ‘Findings’.  It is that good a book.