Our staff room cannot hold teaspoons.  They start off in healthy numbers and then, very slowly at the start, they begin to disappear.  The problem seems to creep up on us all and then suddenly we have to face it head on when there are only two spoons for a staff of nearly one hundred.  The yoghurt eaters, out of necessity, have to be a shrewd bunch.

People think I try to get in early so that I can get some work done or maybe beat the traffic.  The truth is that I like to eat my porridge with a tea spoon.  I try to get in before eight am to make sure I can get a spoon.

Today a kind soul bought a stir of spoons, a pile of them that seemed opulent.  I am ashamed to say that I got home from work today and ritually emptied my suit pockets of pens, keys and random bits of paper……and…… a teaspoon.  I am now wracked with guilt.