After work, yes I was at work today, I headed out to pick up another load of jam jars after the honey harvest took most of what remained. Then I picked up the little man from nursery before heading home. Every time I pick him up I think I am on the generation game trying to memorise the list as it is read out on the debrief. Breakfast was blah, then this much milk, then this for lunch and then that for smack, x number of dirty nappies and sleeping from then till then, a colour TV, a suitcase, a cuddly toy. When I relay this to the lovely Sharon I try my best to be accurate, but I am sure she thinks I make half of it up……she is probably right.

When the little man and I did arrive home we found that the lovely Sharon had not picked any blackcurrants at alltoday. Instead, she had painted the frame on the garage door, a downspout, and then she had finished painting the little man’s toy boxes. This was good news to me as I hate painting. I hate it with a passion. It also gave me an excuse to don my beesuit and throw myself at the wasps. After half an hour I gave up on the hood of the suit as I could hardly see thought the veil. Wasps buzzed around me as I hunted blackcurrants. It turned out that although they got very close they did not have the slightest interest in me. Even when they ventured into my ear I remained as calm as I could muster and stayed still. They always seemed to lose interest and find a way out.

In the end I was covered in stings though. The nettles shared the same ground as the blackcurrants and they lurked hidden in the shadows. Some swearing alleviated the pain and I rose from the bushes as a grumpy man half undressed (the bee suit half undressed, not my clothes) and covered in stains of squashed blackcurrants. However, my work was not done.

Ever night I feed the little man his bottle and read him a story (if he does not immediately fall to sleep). Tonight our roles were reversed and I found myself in charge of the dinner as the lovely Sharon read the story. This meant that I had to stay in the garden and pick the peas. I have no experience of picking pees for dinner and ended up picking more than twice the quantity required. Then I had to do something with them. So…..

A little salad leaf and a dressing of: 2 teaspoons of mustard, 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar, 6 tablespoons of olive oil and salt and pepper.

Fry some small strips of bacon in olive oil

While simmering peas (not too long; 3 min or so)

When the bacon is crispy put it on a plate and leave the oil in the pan and add some torn up bread.

Then when the bread is slightly golden fire it all together on a plate.

Now I just have to do something with the surplus peas. Is there such a thing as pea jam.