The full moon was rising through the clouds here tonight as the last of the honey was poured and sealed into jars.  For us it’s name is the honey moon, and we hope to have a honey moon every year now.

pooh fainted

We started off with one hive here and now we have found ourselves heading into the autumn with it split into three.  This means that the expectations of a honey harvest were lower than what would be normal for a single hive uninterested in swarming.  However, we are more than happy with our forty two jars of honey (coincidently the meaning of life if you are a scifi fan).

There are still a few empty jam jars left for the blackcurrants but the wasps have now felt the turning of the year and are hunting for their fix of fruity sugars. This makes for a strange turn of events, as the lovely Sharon will probably be wearing her beekeeping suit tomorrow to harvest the blackcurrants in a cloud of wasps, the bee’s carnivorous cousins.