Last week the writing was on the wall.  On several occasions I had to coax and encourage the coffee machine in the staff room to squeeze out an espresso.  It did its job but took time, made a lot of noise and left a worrying puddle of water around the base of the machine.  Today it threw a tantrum and the puddle was large and the volume of espresso was non existent.

This was devastating for me but I tried to keep my chin up and carry on.  I tried cafetiere coffee instead as some of the staff attempted to convince me that it was very middle class and tastes nearly as good as espresso.  I smiled, remained calm and collected; and carried on.

At lunch time it all got to me and I took a screwdriver to the machine in an attempt at surgery.  Once opened and switched on a main artery from the pump spewed water that should be going other places.  The culprit was a tiny rubber washer that has perished due to over-use.  It is such a small little thing that I worry if a replacement can be found but I refuse to give up on the old girl yet.  She has seen me through so much that I will do all I can for her.