He probably woke at dawn as his mum and dad never close the curtains.  He then played with his teddy ‘mr giggles’ and chatted to himself.  The mobile that spins and plays music probably got switched on a few times in the early hours if the big coloured buttons were in reach.  Then through the bars of his cot he watched his mummy sleeping.  And as her eyes slowly opened he watched his mummy waking and could not contain his joy as he laughed out loud.

In the early hours the lovely Sharon slowly opened her tired eyelids to see her little man’s bright eyes staring at her through the bars of the cot.  He exploded with laughter and she could not stop herself laughing back.

The birds had been singing for an hour or two now and I was half asleep/half awake when mother and son began laughing at each other.  This was a woman who, in the mornings, is the definition of grumpy and irritable.  I contemplated to myself how we are changed by our children before I smiled and went back to sleep.

EDIT: apparently I am not so jolly in the mornings either.