The meeting began at 10am. As classes in school begin at 9:30 there was little point in going to school before the meeting.  Instead I went to the University area for breakfast.  I thought my colleagues in work might be missing me so I took a picture of my breakfast and texted it to them to reassure them that I was ok.  I think they appreciated this.

eggs benedict on a bagel, OJ and the first coffee of the day

The meeting was an interesting one.  Very rarely will you hear me say this about meetings but it is actually true in this case.  The meeting ran over time which meant I had to skip lunch to ensure I made it back to school for my last class.  The thermal decomposition of metal carbonates is not a lesson to be skipped.  The meeting closed and I made my lunch apologies and left.  What happened next was defiantly the most surreal moment of the day.

I made my way out of the building by catching the lift down.  Then I must have just began to daydream.  Maybe it was the lack of sugar or even ‘meeting blindness’ induced by a three and a half hour meeting of listening and concentrating intensely.  The doors opened and I stepped out to meet Jackie Fullerton who stopped me in my tracks.  He said in his radio voice and television smile; “this is the forth”.  I had no idea what he was talking about and he clearly knew it.  Maybe he spotted my visitors pass or maybe he was an angel sent to find me lost (technically if he had not called the lift I would not have gotten lost anyway).  He comfortingly assured me not to worry and guided me back into the lift.  Back in the lift, the meeting blindness cleared and I put 2 and 2 together; I was coming from the fifth and needed to go down to the ground.  A little embarrassed, I had to fill the silence; “I think I have not had enough coffee yet today”.  This was massive lie, but he did not need to know the truth.

When we did reach the ground floor he did not even hesitate to guide me to the exit with his smile and witty banter, he must have instinctually known that this building always seems to confuse me.  I put it down to it not having enough windows.  When we both reached reception I handed in my security pass to see him walk off to find, and help, another lost soul.  He didn’t need a security pass; he is a legend in this building.