The little man has developed a love for the little muslin clothes that are so useful when feeding a baby.  He loves to shove his thumb in his mouth and wrap one of these blankets in his other hand holding it under his nose and against his cheek.  Sometimes, if he wants a little mid-day nap, he will cover his head with it and hide himself away from the world for a while.

by Jennifer Zivoin

There is just one small problem.  Sometimes, in the middle of the night, he reaches out around his bed to grab the little muslin blanket to comfort himself but it is not there.  Someone or something steals his blanket in the hours after supper and before the small hours.  The little man’s lovely mother calls it the blanket monster and is filling his head with the image of a monster that strikes when he is asleep and eats the blankets to quench his appetite for blankets. It worries me that he might one day discover the truth.