I think I may have void the warranty on our washing machine.

The machine has been overworked for some time now and it is not a youngster.  It is, in fact, well past its warranty through age.  It has so far served us well apart from one little hiccup a few months ago.  However, in the last few weeks it has been getting progressively nosier and squeakier.

I did a little investigation and my suspicion has been confirmed; the bearings are going.  This limits our options; any sensible repair engineer will probably tell us that the cost of repair would be a false economy.  This is due to the machine needing to be completely stripped down in order to replace the bearing.  So, I have given myself a window of a couple of days to try and give it a new burst of life.  I have stripped it down and will clean out the bearings and repack them with oil.  This may be futile or it might give it another month or two or more?  There is only one way to find out.  But, this is all on the assumption that I can out it back together again.  Tomorrow night I am busy, so maybe Friday night or Saturday?  All I have to do is try and hold the image of how it all fits together, and where all the wires go, in my mind’s eye until then.