It is has not been a pleasant weekend.  The sun may be shining and the birds singing but the little man has a stomach bug and is not himself at all.  We have been fighting to get fluids into him to avoid dehydration but at one point we had to take him to the hospital.  After that he felt better for the day but today he has been off his food and drink again.  When I say that we took him to hospital what I mean is that the motherly Sharon did and I was many miles away in the mountains.  Thankfully we were well staffed and I could slip away when I found out he was on his way to hospital.  It should have been a beautiful day in the mountains but the anxiety and the desire to be near the little man made the long lonely walk out feel like a longer and even lonelier one.

I have been trying to find distractions to try to relax a bit.  One of them was a few moments today when I just leaned over the fence and watched the coming and going of the bees for a little while. It was strangely calming for a minute or two.

we found a lonely bee on the gate

I don’t know them all that well yet but I think her name is Susie number 573

Tonight we think the little man has held down maybe half his milk based on a guess of the volume deposited over my shirt and jeans.  As he sleeps the motherly Sharon and I have found another calming distraction in the form of the beautiful moonrise and the arc it makes out the living room window.  It is full and the sky is clear; we spend half our time looking out instead of at the television.

the full growing moon rises over the apiary and coop