It feels like, at times, we step out of our normal lives for things.  Sometimes I leave the lovely Sharon and the little man to head for the hills and try keep safe some teenagers as they push themselves both mentally and physically in the mountains.  But this weekend a friend is doing his own mental and physical challenge.  He is running a marathon.  You could think to yourself that loads of people run marathons all the time.  But could you?  Could I?

A marathon is the distance beyond what is normal endurance.  It is beyond ‘the wall’ when your body has run past its short term reserve and the long term reserve.  Personally I think I have only ever felt the wall once myself.  It was a moment when I suddenly felt exhausted and very cold in a remote mountain valley.  This was when I was walking…..down hill, not running up hill.

Then there is the training.  Dedicated runners, like my friend, push themselves in training.  They push themselves beyond what is necessary for the relaxation of exercise.  They go out and run in all weathers and whenever the strains of work and family tell them they do not have time.  Why?

Because there is a cause and a purpose; Cancer.  We inevitably are all touched by cancer, either personally or in our family.  It is not easy to forget about the effect of cancer but unfortunately the charities that help cancer patients are easily forgotten.  They need support and that support needs to be hard cash from our own pockets.  Please support 3xmarathons for cancer as he heads over to London tomorrow and get ready to push himself beyond the limit for a good cause.  Please visit his site and give to Friends of the Cancer Centre and Pancreatic Cancer UK.