The first Sunday after the full moon after the spring equinox.  The celebration of the resurrection of our Lord is not an exact event in our modern calendar.  It was a day in a year nearly a couple of thousand years ago but today it is moulded into our lives with the echo of the old counting of time.  Years ago the equinox was a special event and not a passing mention on the radio.  The full moons were meeting times of family, clans and people.  Now Easter is the special event and it still is tied to the pulse of the heavens in motion.


The link of Easter with the movements of the moon means one fickle thing for me now; it is a long spring term.  Teachers are weary and feeling low in momentum.  Students are weary too and feel disheartened by the exams ahead.  This is the time of year and the time of life when they feel truly overwhelmed by the tasks ahead.  And then a strange depression is bound to set in for them as they lock themselves away behind a desk and the sun shines outside and the rest of the world enjoys life under (occasional) blue skies.