The school books were packed away late tonight and I am feeling what can only be described as tired with a hint of weary.  The last job of the evening was the welcome distraction of the chores.  I picked up today’s eggs and squirreled them away in my pocket.  I walked around the cottage and filled the feeders and drinkers then went into the garage to dance a little.  I danced around the lawnmower and I danced around the cars.  When the dancing was finally over I had  captured the needy cat who was due her worming treatment.  I now feel I am beginning to understand the phrase ‘herding cats’.

gemini by tomsowerby

After that I walked slowly down the lane to close the gates.  I paused often to stare at the sky.  The stars were all out and the sky was leaving them unhindered.  As I rolled the fresh eggs in my pockets I pondered the seasons.  Orion the hunter is fading from the night sky in the west.  We have no need for him as he is the opposite of the new life around us.  In the darkness the lambs were still calling their mothers for comfort in this new world.  I looked around at the other stars and Gemini seemed to capture me tonight.  I sympathise with the problem of seeing some of the shapes in the sky, but the more I look at Gemini, the more I see them.  I have always known the two stars that mark their heads but have only a vague idea of the ‘shape’.  Tonight it seemed to leap out at me as I stared.  All I think I needed was the concept of the twins and then I saw them sitting opposite each other.  They looked the same as each other as if in a mirror, and yet they were different in their own subtle ways.  Twins.