This evening we pottered under clear skies.  We did not intend to do a few odd jobs but we found ourselves with a little time to kill.  One job was done to keep the girls happy as twice today the chickens knocked over their own water feeder.  I took this as a sign of restlessness and dissent in the ranks.  To appease them I decided to do some repairs on their run and let them stretch and scratch around the cottage as I took a screwdriver and hammer to their prison.  I suspected them to get drunk on the freedom but they remained sober and content.  It is dark at the moment and they still have not returned to the coup.  They are lurking in the moonlit garden looking for grubs and bugs.

As we pottered we saw what can only be described as a super moonrise, as it is actually a supermoon. We were keeping an eye out for it at sunrise as it is only a day away from full.  A full moon is directly (or nearly directly opposite) the sun in the sky.  So as the sun was setting we looked in the opposite direction to see the moon rising.  With the air so still and so clear it is hard not to stop and forget the small jobs and the big things in life.  It is hard not to stand and stare at the sun and moon through the branches and hedges.  If this urge can be resisted then don’t tell me how it can be done, I don’t care to know.