We have returned and are reunited with our little man tonight.  This morning we left him with granny and grandpa and we headed for the mountains.  We sipped coffee in the early hours while we waited for the groups to form, then we headed for the mountain of the watch; Commedagh.  The lovely Sharon claimed that she was low on mountain fitness but she, and her group, were still able to overtake me and my group.  She took her group to the summit and was on the way down by the time I got to it.

the edge of Slieve Donard through a break in the mist – view from the edge of the pot of pulgarve

It was a clear and cold day until we got near the top and the visibility was reduced to ten meters as the air got colder still.  The wind was enough to take the feeling away from my hands.  It was my own fault for not wearing my gloves while boldly sipping coffee at our lunch near the summit.

The day seems like it was filled with two days.  We fitted so much in that the two days felt like a week; a measure of the best of weekends.