I am currently planning a trip into the mountains.  My own mother has volunteered herself as a potential babysitter and this means that the lovely Sharon would like to join the mini expedition.  She is a little unsure of how keen she is to wander in the hills.  The hills themselves are calling to her but a whole day away from the little man is a daunting thing for her.  Last night, as we relaxed and had our dinner, she voiced to me her other concern,  “am I fit enough?”  I nearly spat out my dinner at the absurdity of it.  This is from a girl who has only given birth a few months ago and now takes it upon herself to do a few 6 mile runs every week……while pushing a pram.  Before I answered properly I reminded myself that even the most confident of us need comfort and assurance from their closest friends.  We sometimes need to hear the obvious pointed out plainly to us, we are all only human.  Then another thought drifted into my mind.  I wondered if we might be able to put ourselves into the Mourne Mountain Marathon this year and therefore I thought it might be more strategic to encourage her only a little and get her to push herself harder.  I weighed it all up then chewed my mouthful before answering; “you’re getting there.”