The sky was perfect today.  The air was still and crisp cold as a line of clouds hung lonely in the sky.  When I got home I had a limited amount of time to fashion a very basic table from ancient bits of wood I found lying in the woodshed.  It is held together by a few screws and no structural cross struts at all.  It is crude but it is enough to hold up the recycling bins and give the cats a cosy sheltered spot underneath them.  This means that the greenhouse bench has been freed from its recycling duties and is now ready for trays of seeds in the, now gutted and cleaned, greenhouse.

When my time pottering in the garage was up I returned to the cottage and picked up the little man for some quality father and son time as the lovely Sharon taught her piano lessons.  For a while he was in his carrier attached to my chest.  Wrapped up and donned with his woolly ‘toot’ hat (it says toot on it and has a little car as well) we ventured into the garden to see what spring was doing with itself.  We stood under the bare trees and looked up through the branches.  We looked into some of the bird boxes and wondered if anything was cosy inside.  We looked at the buds starting to untwist and unfurl from the blackcurrant bushes.  We stood and looked at the greenhouse, empty of plants but filled with anticipation.  Then when we felt we had relaxed into the evening he suddenly became quite distressed.  For the next half hour he was inconsolable and only calmed down for a moment after the littlest of burps.  When he eventually felt better, tiredness began to creep up on him.  He tried his best to smile and be happy but he could not beat the fatigue.

Bath time cheered him up, as it always seems to.  Then after super he did not fall to sleep gently, but instead fell into a deep slumber as if switched into night-time mode.  Rainer Maria Rilke says; “Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.”

A lovely thought that is a romantic one until that child has stomach pains, this is when the child only knows cuddles and tears.