bee hive by cocteauboy

The first night of the bee keeping course taught me several things.  The first was that I really should read my emails properly.  I stood in the agricultural college with no idea which classroom, or even which building I should be in.  Checking my email revealed an unread attachment that I later discovered was a drawing of where I should bee (sorry).  The attachment was a ridiculously uncompressed 4.1Mb, a silly amount to even attempt to siphon through a mobile phone connection.  I had to ring a friend on the course and wait for him to find me in the rainy car park and then be escorted into class.

I was scolded a little for being late, I felt like the rebel pupil.  This feeling surged within me when the teacher assured the class that there is no such thing as a stupid question.  It took all that was in me to stop my arm from thrusting up and bolting out; “Is there such a thing as a stupid question?”  I am glad that I held back as the class was worth it.  The teacher for the night was what would be classed as old school.  He had a few power point slides at the beginning but quickly reverted to talking and reading notes.  He said that he was not au fait with this new PowerPoint.  At this point my friend, also a teacher, leaned over and whispered that he could just about remember when PowerPoint was ‘new’.  We giggled.

This is all painting a rather bad picture of the teacher, but quite the opposite was true.  This was a man dripping with stories and he seemed to have the gravity of wisdom around him.  He filled all the gaps in the notes we were covering with interesting things that just flowed from him.  It got to the point were the notes got in the way and I felt that they were things that punctured what we all wanted to listen to; the teacher.

At the end of the night students gathered around to ask questions, I just loitered at the back of the crowd and listened.  I felt like I wanted to just sit and listen to his answers but I was not wise enough to know the questions.  If he told me the questions and answers I would be happy to sit and listen.