The temperature has dropped just a little below zero here tonight.  The surfaces of things have a slight frosty tacky-ness as the mercury creeps down.  The stars are out and dancing and the moon has sneaked back into our vision and conciousness if we care to look for it.  As I went out for the chores it was just tucking itself away for the night by edging towards the horizon.

My compact camera does a terrible job at capturing it.  The levitating banana does not seem so mesmerising in a  picture.

The Hunter, and his obediently following dog, are bold features of the sky at this time of year.  Sirius, the dog star, is the bright star in the bottom left.  It is the brightest star in the night sky, not the pole star that many wrongly believe to be the brightest.

Cassiopia is another feature of the sky.  It is not a winter visitor, but it is a constant guide to finding the milky way.  It is a big W and if it is dark enough and you stand for a while and stare; you might just begin to see the splash of billions of stars that arc in the sky right through the middle of cassiopia.

The moon has gone to bed now.  I will take its example and hide myself away for the night ready to spin around the earth again tomorrow.