just hanging around by immagina

This caturday is hoped to be a day just hanging around the cottage.  It will be a day of pottering.  The art of pottering is something I feel I need a little more practice with.  I have consulted experts and old hands; they say I must set out to do the things that need done then find other slightly less important things.  Then, I need to forget the original important things to be done as they are sure to be discovered another day.    It is said that all this must be carried out with a lot of long breaks for tea.  I think they meant coffee and I put down their mistake to years of pottering clouding their minds.  On the long stare, the absent gaze at the garden and fields that seems to focus on infinity,  they tell me that it cannot be practised.  I am assured that it will simply arrive one day like all important things that are discovered by chance while pottering.