A day at work can be measured by the tension in the neck. Today was such a day. It was a day of running about and fiddling about with the computer to squeeze out the reports. Such a complicated system of data bases produces mistakes that must  be ironed out and sometimes the process needs to be stopped and repeated and stopped and repeated.

The antidote for this day was an evening in the dark heart of culchieland at an AGM. Chairs were elected, things were proposed and seconded. A question was asked and the constitution was consulted and another meeting was proposed to answer the question. The annual accounts were spread forth to the masses and calmly read in detail. This all calmed my mind, I could do nothing but listen and enjoy. After the meeting and the raffle, when I won a book of recipes, we all had sandwiches and tea. They could sell these meetings as therapy like yoga. I am not trying to be funny, I genuinely needed to just sit and listen and not be ‘doing’. Although I don’t think they serve coffee at yoga.