It is I who puts the little man to bed most nights.  I bath him, although not every night, feed him and then wind/cuddle him for a while before putting him into bed.  He will then spend a little time chatting to his whirly mobile while it flickers through strange colours.

It is said that at this time of development we should be reading to him and talking to him as much as possible.  I think this is possibly true of all stages of development with the exception of maybe the teenage phase and up.

So, I have been reading to him.  However, as he does not really understand anything at the moment, I do not see the point of reading him stories about hungry caterpillars or the cats that get lost.  So, tonight I read to him as I intend to for a while.  Tonight we learnt about how to cook hazelnuts in stone age fires.  We learnt about the vast array of plants used and found around our ancestors fireside, and we learnt about how lesser celandrine was used as either a food or a cure for piles.  No Meg and Mog tonight, just “to the Islands” a twenty-five-year quest to uncover the world of Mesolithic hunter-gatherers in the Hebridean islands.