Sunday, January 9th, 2011

An interesting little publishing company is two ravens press.  They claim to be the most remote of the UKs book publishing companies.  They work out of a croft on the edge of what it is to live wild.  Their books are wonderful items of poetry and wonder.

A wilder vein is the book that first alerted me to their presecnce and it still stands as one of the most wonderful books that I have ever read.

Steven Mithen is an author they have just published (to the Islands: a twenty-five-year quest to uncover the world of Mesolithic hunter-gatherers in the Hebridean islands).  He has written a couple of books that I have found fascinating but the latest one is a delight to read.  It is interesting, informative and personal enough to be captivating.  I am only a small fraction into it but I hope it keeps me interested throughout.


Light pollution annoys me on several levels.  The energy wasted is one, but the bigger one is the masking of the moon and stars.  We all miss the patterns in the sky and the comforting travelling they slowly make day and night.  About a quarter of a mile away there is a house that permanently seems to have a million billion watt flood light on.  I am unsure of its purpose.  Maybe they believe that it gives them some sort of security?  Or maybe they have some pets/livestock that are afraid of the dark?

The image above is a spectacular picture taken from the ISS.  Pollution or not, it is amazing.  You can pick out towns and villages and the arteries that connect them.  And I think I can see my neighbour’s yard?