Clear communication is essential in a marriage and tonight was a case in point.  This evening, before dinner, we were both at home together but we were worlds apart.  The lovely Sharon was sitting in front of the cosy wood stove and I was on the apex of the roof of the house in the cold and rain.  Two way radios saved the day.  The wind had blown our satellite dish a little off course again.  And so I found myself with head torch on and hands freezing as I muttered into the radio, “what about now?”.  In such dark and wet conditions I did not risk standing on the roof but instead sat on the roof ridge and poked the dish with a long brush shaft.  I hope the locals saw me and assume I am barmy, eccentric and to be feared.  Wait till I get the Bees!

I  am not a stranger to crawling out of velux windows onto the roof as I had the privilage of doing similar jobs for my parents when I was a teenager.  I was the lightest and so the most sensible choice but my parents hated it.  With a little life of my own to look out for now, I can see why they fretted.

Later on I enjoyed more aspects of domestic life as I nursed the little man to sleep after his dinner. I stood at the window of the bedroom and looked out at the Polaris and the Bear.  Shooting stars streaked across the sky as the little man began to snore and curl into a little ball in my arms.  I rocked him and hummed a little out of tune.  I could not imagine the moment becoming any more perfect until he brought me back to reality and shared how contented he was by making little noises that babies tend to make from their bottoms.