I return to school tomorrow and my internal clock will have to return to very early starts (as opposed to early starts) and the timing of bells.  Today we intended to take a long walk with the little man but that all changed into a long day driving around Northern Ireland to get application forms signed and handed in.  The lovely Sharon and I are trying to become expedition assessors and get on a course.  Unfortunately we each operate under education boards that are miles and miles apart.  Once we drove around and got all our paperwork signed and sorted we had to get some passport photos before handing all the documentation in.  The really interesting thing is how friendly and relaxed all our visits to the respective HQ offices were.  Twice I thought the people were on the edge of asking us if we wanted to grab a cup of tea and a natter.  But, we had to keep moving as things needed to be done and we had places to get to.

This evening I sat down and did some online shopping.  I put together a list of all I needed to populate the bee hives and handle them safely.  All the things I need, apart from the bees.  The bees will have to wait until I meet the local bee keepers and get my hands (gloved hands) on some local bees.  I have enrolled on their annual beekeeping course and it will begin in a few weeks.  This is where I meet the local apiarists and hopefully convince them that I can be trusted in the second oldest profession in the world.  Or, alternatively, I find out that I am allergic to bees and I have some hives and equipment for sale.