The weather is truely amazing here as it is everywhere at the moment.  However, the trips into and home from work are not so amazing.  I think I got off lightly today as I have heard some stories of people trapped in traffic for ages and people having to book into b&bs near to us as they could not make the journey at all.  For me a  forty minute journey turned into two and a half hours.  None of it was stuck in traffic, all of it was on insane roads.

I would love to take some pictures of this winter beauty but I leave in darkness and then return in darkness.  Darkness is a steady presence this time of year.  Any wonder that at the deepest point of the depth of winter we have a festival of light to brighten the cheer.  A time for family and gathering and excess of food to laugh off the chill and cold.  This is an old festival that has now taken on a brighter light in recent times (read recent as over a thousand years).  A time of love and joy and hope.

I did have a chance at the weekend to catch a few pictures of the winter sun as the fields around the cottage began to gather the first seeds of fog.  The mercury was falling as it is now.

One last thing two say; a driving tip from the lovely Sharon.  She always carries two empty coal bags in the boot of her car.  The use of coal bags came into action today when she got her car buried at the end of the drive.  She used empty coal bags to put under the wheels and get her out of the deep snow.  Don’t be getting the wrong impression of this wonderful (and lovely) woman.  She is certainly wiser than I in ways too much to count, but she did forget that she always carries the bags in her car and she instead carried herself and the little man all the way up and down the long lane to the garage to get two empty coal bags.