Tonight I fed the fire then I stocked the pile of fire feed for the night.

I fed the little man then I sat down to feed myself.

Only minutes later I fed the little man again because apparently, through cries and screams he informed me,  I did not feed him enough.

Then I fed myself and sat and digested and chilled.

Later I went out for the chores.

I fed the parcel box at the end of the lane a third of a can of antifreeze until it yielded its christmas deliveries.

I fed the cats and hissed at the stray who steals and cheats his way into the sheds.  The residents seemed to approve with excess leg rubbing.

I fed the birds who seem to be devouring peanuts and seeds at an astronomical rate.

I fed the chickens who are still laying one a day each everyday and are dandering about in the snow in the daytime.  This is against how their breed are supposed to behave, but they are stupid and no-one has told them any wiser.

After all that I had a few brief moments to stand and catch a few falling stars.  The clouds to the south show a weak band  far off and the clouds to the north are heavy with snow.  But here in the middle we have Orion and Cassiopeia and the mercury is down to minus eight and a half.

Good night, and it is ….. a good night.