Today we planned to go somewhere. We planned to pick one of the forests on the horizon and walk in it. When the time came to decide we ended up going nowhere. We did not stay still, instead we ignored the far off forests and walked the roads around our home instead. We walked by the snowberries and wind stripped hedges. We stopped by the river and burn and stood in silence. We spotted a dipper in the village river, busy finding food and dipping about in the gravel. We discovered a craft fair and bought a candle that smells of the season. On the way home we made mental notes of the holly trees and planned outings with buckets and scissors in the coming weeks. Then the little man began to stir from within his snug little harness. He raised his head from his little bear suit and made noises that we have learned to mean that he will soon be awake and demanding that all must pamper his needs. We were feeling a little hungry ourselves. Some of the forests far off were still undiscovered but our home was now a little bit more familiar and it was the best of winter days.