A few weeks ago we were asked to clean our bits and pieces out of the staff room in preparation for a big clean.  This was also an opportunity to make some minor cosmetic changes so the staff were asked what they would like.  I pondered this a bit and then posed as the staff committee (falsely) and sent out an email to all the staff putting forward two suggested new staff room layouts to vote on.

option one

option two

I need not say that the responses were very interesting and a little entertaining.  Most people opted for both!

The real staff committee originally made a point of saying no to any suggestions of a pool table or a dart board (we are proffessionals).  I was careful to leave these out in order to add to the authenticity of my deception.  It does remind me of another school I know of who do have a pool table!  And there is a teacher I know who, when she first started teaching, was asked if she would like to join the pool competition.  She replied that she could not as she could not swim.  I am not mentioning names.