I have just been out for a walk.  The stars are out and are filling most of the sky, but the clouds are there too and constantly shifting.  Taurus was up there being chased by the hunter.  The swan was up there to making its giant winter migration.  The spaces between the stars was inky black and the moon was in hiding, a new moon, latent.  But the new moon has an effect we might feel soon, as a costal swell.


The barometer says Rain/Change,  it could not be more true.  A deep low is forming out on the sea and it is winding itself up and ready to create havoc on us.  Forecasters tell us it will begin to tear in on sunday night.  If you get out and stand outside for a while you might sense it.  Maybe it’s because the gentle wind is blowing from a direction it does not normally come from.  Or maybe it’s because the air feels not cold, but damp.  Or maybe it is something deeper, but it is there, over the horizon, there be dragons.

tomorrow night