Tonight we found ourselves in the dark and in a place we did not know. We went for a Halloween walk to clear our heads from all the ongoing projects that seem to be taking more time than expected at the cottage.  We walked in a forest we have never been in, itself a crime as it is so close to us.  As we had no map, nor time to research the layout and routes.  We intended to walk for a while and then turn back. Then, after half an hour we found an old couple walking their dogs.  We chatted to them and they told us some of the routes and included the fact that our current path would return us to the car park.  Another an hour or so later we found our selves safely back at the car park, the wrong car park.  Darkness was upon us and the air around us was quite cold.  The little man was oblivious; he was still sleeping off his last feed and was snuggled into my chest on his carrier.  The lovely Sharon and I were unanimous; construction is the reverse of destruction. We had to reverse our route.  The darkness did not scare us, we loved it (and technically we knew tomorrow night is the proper Halloween).  The cold did not worry us, we would be moving fast.   The fast pace ensured we would work up an appetite and be home in good time to carve our turnips.

Three turnips/pumkins to scare away the ghouls this year.  The third one is for the little man and I carved it to resemble him a little.  Maybe you can tell which one?