The lovely Sharon visited my school today and she brought with her the little man.  The visit went pretty much as expected.  People ‘ohhhh-ed’ and ‘ahhhhh-ed’ at his overwhelming cuteness and I displayed my fair amount of proud father-ness.  The most interesting aspect of the visit was the lovely Sharon’s surprise at the fire alarm.  Half way through the VIP visit the school fire alarm went off and everybody got up and began to make their way to the fire exits.  At this point the lovely Sharon looked totally perplexed and repeatedly asked, “what’s going on?”  It turns out the she was not surprised at the alarm but at our reaction to it.  I guess this is one of the many strange differences between grammar schools and secondary schools.  For the lovely Sharon a fire alarm is something that you simply don’t get alarmed about until someone runs through the building shouting, “It’s REAL, It’s REAL, run for your lives.”  For many hours after the visit she randomly repeated to me, “I really can’t believe that you all got up?”