We are both tired and sleep deprived.  I  must make the daily slog to work with very little real sleep. The lovely Sharon’s trips away from the cottage seem to be operations in logistics and deft timings.  And so, under these conditions it is understandable if we make mistakes.  It may not have been a mistake, it may have been a brilliant decision.  This evening we opened the door to the coop and let the chickens roam free.  The rash decision making did not end there.  With the scissors in hand and ready we decided not to clip their wings.  Wing clipping is needed in a confined coop with an open roof.  However, with the complete freedom of a large garden they need their flight bursts to have a chance of evading the sly Fox.

October moon rising over the coop

As the October sun winds its way down its path and the cold moon rises, I worry.  Will the little man let us sleep tonight?  Will the chickens recoup (or recoop?) themselves?  Is Mr Fox (or Mrs Fox) sitting by the hedge waiting to pounce?  Will the repeated treatment of my own urine around the garden keep the Foxes in fear and away?  Did I really need to tell you that last bit, was it really necessary?  So many worrisome questions.