The good agreeable life?

There were things to be done tonight, a timetable of its own had to be adhered to and that timetable was dictated by the schedule of yeast.  The specific gravity of a very large tub of bubbling liquid was ready.  Forty two bottles had to be sterilised then syphon filled with brew.  Small amounts of sugars were added to each bottle to ensure the yeast kicks in again when they were capped.  This will hopefully give them there fizz after a few weeks of secondary fermentation.

This combined with a kitchen in a dusty mess (builders making holes) and the fact that pumpkin soup had to be made tonight (they were looking like they might not last till Halloween (and we don’t know why)), makes a very busy night (and a very long sentence).

The fields have been filling with October mist for hours now. Tonight there does not seem to be time to saunter in them.

P.S. did I mention all the nappy changes as well?