unknown source

At 4:30 am I found myself sitting on the edge of my bed looking out at cygnus setting.  The sky was cold black and cloudless and the great bowl of stars were spinning imperceptibly slowly.  On my knee was the little man as I held his little head and rubbed, and patted, his little back.   He tilted his head and looked out the window, a thing he seems to do a lot.  His eyes widened as he looked at the constellations drifting by, his expression seemed to portray him struggling to comprehend it all.  Then he turned to look up at me and his expression changed to wonder.

stellarium ~4:30am

A nice thought.  The reality is that as he stared out the window his thoughts were more likely to be, “ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhggggrrrr” then, BUUUUURRRP, and he turned to look up at me and thought, “What? What are you looking at?”