They are on average smaller than us, and weaker in physical strength.  Am I being sexist?  I don’t think so?  I think it is a biological fact that we are different. Do Women have a higher tolerance of pain than men?  Honestly I think that question needs to be more specific to be answered.  I think if you give me pain I can handle it as well as most women.  But, endurance of pain is a different matter entirely.  Intense pain for long sustained periods of time is something that we are not equal in, in my opinion.

I always knew the lovely Sharon had a very high pain threshold but on Sunday she went through something that I believe I would have only endured for a few hours before blacking out.  She endured it for an entire day and did not black out, she did not even shed a tear.  She screamed and lost some composure a few times, but not a tear was shed.

It was a traumatic entry into the world for our son.  An entry that would not have been possible if it were not for modern medicine and the skills of a dozen amazing people.  These people are true heroes that melt into everyday existence.  They simply love their jobs and are outstanding at them.  Job is not a good word for what they do.  They do what they love and it seems they get paid a little for it (not enough).

Back to the lovely Sharon; an amazing woman.  A moment stands out from the delivery that I think shows her strength and a little of the woman herself.  It was a moment where she was in the bath at the hospital after sixteen hours of labour with no pain relief (not even paracetamol).  She was trying a bath before moving on to the inevitable gas and air.  This was a point were her sugar levels were low (mine too) and we were trying a little tea and toast in the bath (very surreal).  I was trying to get her toast buttered in between the contractions, windows of opportunity when I was free from hand holding and massage.  I had the toast buttered and she took it in hand just as another contraction took hold.  The wave of pain was heart wrenching to watch.  She usually moaned, but this time she spoke words in a moan through clenched teeth and a red flushed face, “NOOOOOO, BUTTER IT TO THE EDGES”.  The lady never lets her standards drop.  I do as she commands.